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Construction Supervising Site Engineer - Duties and Responsibilities | Muscat, Oman | Projacs Academy

Construction Supervising Site Engineer - Duties and Responsibilities
Muscat, Oman 
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Managing and supervision of project sites is most important factors in the success of engineering projects, as these sites are often in open areas and outside urban areas or even inside the cities, but in crowded areas or adjacent to other facilities of a special nature in all of these cases, you need to well Manage all those sites according to their nature and circumstances in order to end the construction phase in the targeted time and at the lowest cost and the desired quality while avoiding any risks that may occur during the implementation phase.
At the end of this program participants will be able to identify the modern scientific bases in the following areas: -

- Planning and organizing the construction sites in different circumstances

- Precautions that must be met to avoid the dangers of working in different circumstances

- Modern methods for the management of various construction equipment

- Management of human resources in different ways

- Modern methods for the management of construction and building materials

- Follow-up and organize to deal with subcontractors

- Modern methods to monitor and control sites

Who should attend:

We have designed this program to suit all participants in the project management and construction Management area , for example: -

• Engineers working in offices where professional contracting companies by requiring them to study the tender documents depicting the work of the planning and management of this site as well as the need to work for the sites he visits.

• Project managers.

• Engineers planning and programming.

• Implementation managers.

• Equipment managers.

• Webmasters.

Daily Outlines:

Day one

- Project Management framework

• The meaning of project management

• Characteristics of project phases

• Fundamentals of project management

• Project management processes

Day two( Project contracts and legal aspects)

Importance of project contracts

• Contract planning

• Types of contracts

• Contracts and risk management

Day three

Project planning and scheduling

• Importance of project planning

• Principals of Bar Chart technique

• Network planning techniques(CPM&PERT)

• Linear project techniques (LOB, TLD …)

Day four

Management of manpower

• Manpower scheduling

• Manpower Organization

• Manpower productivity

• Manpower communications

Day five

Equipment management

• Equipment planning and selection

• Equipment productivity

• Equipment costing